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Today's capital markets are crowded with new investment choices that are accompanied by varying degrees of complexity and risk.


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Our family of funds comprises of 4 funds that offer a range of investment styles and asset class exposures. The funds forms the core for us to create well diversified portfolios that offer optimal risk adjusted performance potential.

J&T Bank and Trust Inc. » through its chartered operation located in Barbados, offers a variety of financial services specifically designed for high net worth individuals and corporations.

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Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Dear Valued clients & partners,

The coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic continues to decimate lives globally and stricken economies and financial markets. What began as a health battle has rapidly become an unprecedented financial and economic crisis. Governments and central banks continue to pour unfathomable amounts of funds into supporting businesses, families and financial markets, yet the economic projections remain at best dismal.

Apart from the devastating illness and deaths, one of the most telling factors is sure to be the rapidly rising levels of unemployment and the crash in household incomes as social distancing, particularly stay at home enforcements lead to the closure of enterprise on a mass scale.