The risk and returns of stock, bonds and cash cover a wide spectrum. Investors need to consider the amount of risk (fluctuation and volatility of investment values) they are willing to accept to achieve the returns they want to earn — higher potential returns require higher levels of risk tolerance.


Customized Portfolios

Our customized portfolios offer asset allocation, style diversification and (multiple) manager alternatives in order to provide our investors with a customized mix of investments.

  • Asset allocation is your portfolios' recommended overall investment percentage (%) mix in equities, fixed income, and cash equivalents.

  • Style diversification provides your portfolio with a variety of tailored investment approaches (Value, Growth, Momentum, etc.) as well as providing geographic diversification such as Global, International and continential alternatives.

  • Manager alternatives provide your portfolios with recommended investment percentages (%) varied by the specific portfolio manager.

This diversified structure has the potential to produce the returns desired, over the investment time horizon, while controlling the amount of fluctuation and volatility of the overall value of the investment portfolio.