Offshore mutual funds are securities domiciled outside one's country of residence and typically under the laws of a foreign country which offer certain tax benefits to eligible investors. Further, J&T Funds are structured to provide international investors access to the investment products and services of internationally recognized investment managers that they may not have access to from their jurisdiction of residence.

The reasons investors choose offshore funds vary with the individual, but the principal advantages of offshore investing include:

  • Potential for higher performance based on access to a broad range of global investment vehicles managed in the context of a disciplined, long-term investment philosophy, featuring international diversification, style allocation and asset allocation,
  • Enhanced portfolio diversification and risk reduction,
  • Privacy and confidentiality can be assured with a greater degree of confidence in a well-regulated offshore financial centre than in the larger over burdened money centres,
  • Financial and estate planning flexibility,
  • Asset protection.

In addition, the J&T Funds Family of Funds offer:

Professional Management
J&T Funds have the resources to hire professional money managers to analyze securities and companies, to study the forces that influence the economy and to assess trends in the financial markets.

J&T Funds investors can buy or sell shares or switch within any of the family of funds each week at the current net asset value (less any applicable sales charge or redemption fee). This ease of entry and exit is an attractive benefit, especially when compared to less liquid investments where buyers may be few and accurate prices hard to come by.

To allow investors a maximum amount of flexibility, J&T Funds offers its array of funds varieties of classes of shares.


Each Class of shares is a separate fund, with a different investment objective and style. If an investor's financial needs change or the markets change, investors can exchange shares of one fund for shares of another fund within the offshore fund family at no cost.